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Evolution Consulting Services

Evolution Consulting Services, LLC is a Veteran Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in Organizational Development services for corporate clients, Business Coaching for new and existing businesses and Success Coaching for individual clients. We have a unique understanding and approach to understand what drives people to be creative, productive and focused. Our customizable corporate solutions decrease attrition, increase employee skill sets and improve customer relationships. Our business coaching clients can choose customized solutions to retain customers, train staff, or brand and market their services to reach new customer bases. Our SUCCESS coaching clients receive a personalized approach for personal and professional success.  All of our quantifiable methods are driven by 20 years of proven success in Human Capital Management.

Our 7-Step Evolution Process


In developing and customizing our elite solutions, we ENGAGE with in-depth analysis. During our evaluation we VERIFY the climate of your company. We carefully OBSERVE your organization to tailor programs designed to bolster employee confidence, productivity, and more. The LEVERAGE phase drives your EVOLUTION STRATEGIC PLAN™, which we VALIDATE with personnel training for a seamless transition. Individuals also receive ESP™ support as we certify your credentials; aligning you with employers’ needs, to substantiate your significance in the workforce. Together we EVALUATE the success of your ESP™ and DELIVER an EVOLUTION solution perfectly tailored to your organization that is both substantial and sustainable.

Why choose Evolution?


Evolution Consulting Services, LLC provides superior human relations management services to align your talent with organizational goals and produce effective solutions to meet your personal/professional needs.


Our customized services provide our customers with ROI HCM Solutions. 

How do we help your business reach optimum potential? 

  • Outsourced HR services
  • Align Right Talent to meet  organizational goals

  • Business Consulting

      Our training services:

  • Reduce Attrition
  • Improve employee performance

  • Increase production and profitability



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