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Client Engagement

Our unique service offerings drive innovative, professional, and purposeful Talent Management programs and services which are impactful for our clients. Under our executive leadership, Evolution Consulting Services, LLC has created, implemented and provided program management services for various programs such as DOD Pentagon Visitor Control, Army Human Resource Command (AHRC) CAC Mobilization Asset Team, AHRC/G-1 BRAC, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and City of Alexandria JobLink Career Services. Our programs are designed to increase employee engagement by aligning the best talent to your mission, synergizing teams and Evolving your organization through creative and customizable solutions.

Client Feedback

"If professionalism, great results and effective training is what you need for your employees, Evolution Consulting is a wonderful company to exceed your expectations."

Director, City Of Alexandria, JobLink

"I just accepted a job from the USAF. The classes Allison and her team presented at Ft. McPherson, GA were instrumental to my success. This is a situation where my particular skills and experience match up well with the requirements of this particular job. I learned, and relearned in some cases, the skills necessary to put together a successful application package during the training." James Clifford

"Allison often displayed her knowledge, skill, and dynamic business acumen. Her guidance and training [during the BRAC] was always clear and direct. Her leadership style promoted a vision for the [BRAC] program and the individual. I recommend her as a solid resume writer, human resources expert, and managerial leader, as well as a visionary to prepare all tiers of advancing future career endeavors."

Mark A. Dyson

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