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Evolution Consulting Services, LLC is a premier human capital management firm specializing in Organizational Development services. We use our proven 7-Step Evolution Process to motivate and energize skilled professionals increasing productivity and performance for the organization to meet specific strategic goals.

Organizational Development


Evolution Consulting Services, LLC provides customizable Organizational Management Solutions that maximize your company’s human capital investment. Our Organizational services include personnel management, HR program management, Recruitment and HR policy management.

Individual Development


Evolution offers tailored services to individuals looking to transform their careers and lives with our Success Coaching programs. We can help you define, engage and successfully execute your personal or professional goals with Individual Services that include Success Coaching, Career Coaching, and Image Styling.

 At EVOLUTION, "we KNOW people!"

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      Right Talent Management

Our Human Capital Management Services align your company's talent with your organizational goals evolving your enterprise into a preferred employer.

  • Outsourced HR management
  • Staffing Strategies
  • Talent Realignment/Recruitment

Talent Management Training

We create cohesion and optimize synergy throughout your company with adaptive Organizational Management training solutions delivered through our highly skilled Human Resources professionals.

  • Customer Service
  • Wellness
  • Re-Training
  • Team Building
  • Management Training (new/existing)

Policy Management

"Setting the Standard"

Structure, strengthen and sustain your workforce with our policy management services that allow your company to capture effective employee engagement.

  • Performance Management
  • Policy Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures

 Individual Services

Coaching Programs

             Success Coaching

Everyone experiences moments when they are uncertain about their next move in life. Whether it is a career or personal achievement, we can help you define, design and execute the vision and goals you need to get the results you want.

The world is so unpredictable and calamitous, anything at anytime can happen. Don't leave your loved ones scared, keep them prepared with Documents of Vital Importance (DOVI)!

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